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Each student attending Eckerd College is assigned a Campus Box where they can collect their mail. All student mailboxes are located outside the Mail Center in Edmundson Hall.

When a package is delivered to Mail Services, it is signed for by a member of the staff. The package is then scanned into the tracking system and a notice is placed in the recipient’s Campus Box.

Packages may be collected at the service window during normal business hours. Students must show their Eckerd ID (or other government issued photo ID) to claim their package, no exceptions. Once the student’s signature is recorded, the package is released.

Packages will only be released to the named recipient on the address. Roommates, siblings and/or friends are not permitted to retrieve packages for other individuals.

If you are expecting an important package such as medicine or a perishable item and you know you will not be on campus to retrieve it during normal hours of operation, you may authorize Mail Services to give your package to a roommate or friend. This authorization must be in writing, an email from your Eckerd email address (not a personal email address) or a signed note is sufficient. The note must include the name of the person retrieving the package.

Send the email to

Please note: this is the exception to the rule. Students should not make a practice of doing this for convenience sake. If it appears that student is abusing this policy, the student’s request may be denied.

Possible Delays

All shipments come directly to Mail Services. The carrier, such as UPS, will combine all the deliveries addressed to students, faculty and staff for that day on a single manifest, which is signed for by Mail Services staff. This manifest may contain only a few packages or a few hundred. At that time, the carrier considers these packages as being “delivered” (and marks them as such in their online package-tracking system), even though they have not been received by the recipient. It still may be a couple hours (or longer, depending on the quantity of items received) before the package is processed through the internal tracking system and the student is notified.

Another reason for the delay may be that the recipient address information does not indicate a Campus Box number. This will always result in a delay. During sorting, Mail Services staff will set these items aside due to inadequate information. Only after all the properly addressed pieces for that day are processed, sorted and delivered, will the staff begin the manual lookup process. It is not unusual for some students to share the same name. In this circumstance, absence of the Campus Box number may cause confusion and delay.