Graduating Seniors

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation. Your hard work and perseverance have paid off enabling you to reach this milestone.

Now, as you prepare to move into the next phase of your life, there are a couple of important tasks you need to perform before you leave Eckerd College.

Prior to graduation

It is essential that you update ECExperience with your new address. This will ensure that mail delivered to Eckerd after your departure, is forwarded to your new address for a period of six months. Also, update any online purchasing sites that have your Eckerd address saved as your “ship to” address, especially Amazon and/or AmazonPrime. Failure to do so will result in your mail and packages being delayed and you will end up paying more for shipping.

Please note: only First-Class mail is subject to forwarding. Packages are NOT First-Class mail and may not be forwarded. You have the option to pay the additional shipping cost to ship the item to your new address or the item can be returned to sender.


Please update your Amazon accounts to ensure that you do not mistakenly send packages to Eckerd after you have left. Amazon does not offer the option of return to sender; therefore you will be required to pay for shipping to forward the item to your location. If you do not pay for shipping, the item will be discarded. So, make sure to update your accounts to ensure your items are not delayed!!!

Remember, YOU are responsible to notify Eckerd College as well as family, friends, subscriptions, health carriers, financial institutions, credit card companies, and so on, that you have relocated and provide your new address.

Mail received by Eckerd with no forwarding address on record will be returned to sender or discarded.

Please, take a few moments today to complete these ECExperience updates, Amazon updates, and other online purchasing site updates to ensure that you may remain in touch with those who associate with you.

Congratulations and we wish you well in your future endeavors.