Summer Package Policy

The Mail Services Policy for Mail and Package Handling during the Summer Months is as follows.

Packages received over the summer months will be accepted and scanned into the college’s package tracking system. The student will receive the Initial Notice email, sent to their Eckerd email address, just like during the school year. It is the student’s responsibility to contact Mail Services within one week by contacting to make arrangements to have the item shipped to your location. The student will need to pay for the shipping because packages are not subject to forwarding, only First-Class mail can be forwarded.

If Mail Services does not hear from the student within one week, the package will be returned to sender.

Mail Services will NOT hold packages for students over the summer months.

Also, you will NOT receive the Second or Third Notice, only the Initial Notice will go out during the summer.

Please update your Amazon accounts to ensure that you do not mistakenly send packages to Eckerd after you have left for summer. Amazon does not offer the option of return to sender; therefore you will be required to pay for shipping to forward the item to your location. If you do not pay for shipping, the item will be discarded. WE WILL NOT HOLD THE ITEM UNTIL YOU RETURN!!!!

So, before you leave for summer, update any online purchasing sites that have your Eckerd address saved as you “ship to” address, especially Amazon and/or AmazonPrime. Failure to do so will result in your mail and packages being delayed and you will end up paying more for shipping.

This policy also applies to students who will be studying abroad during the Fall Term, DO NOT have items shipped to the college unless you will be here to retrieve them.

If you are working on campus during the summer or living in the area, you can pick up your packages as you normally would, by coming to the Service Window with your school ID.

Finally, before you leave the campus for summer, please retrieve all the mail from your campus mail box. Any mail left in your box after Commencement, will be discarded. Your box combination can be found on ECExperience, log in, click Personal Information, then click Directory Profile, the combo will be towards the bottom of the page. If you need assistance opening your box, see any Mail Services staff member.