Open Your Box

Each mail box has a unique three number combination. Start by spinning the knob to the LEFT 3 or 4 times to clear the unit.

For this example, the combination is 61 - 58 - 55.

  • Rotate the knob LEFT to line up the number 61 in the viewer, then;
  • rotate the knob RIGHT one full rotation (past the first number, 61) to 58, then;
  • rotate the knob LEFT straight to number 55, then;
  • rotate the knob back to the RIGHT like you are opening a doorknob and pull. The door should open.

Note, the door does not “pop” open. On the last step, you must turn the knob back to the RIGHT and pull. If you need assistance opening you mail box, Mail Services’ staff will provide it, as long as you know your box number and combination.

Reminder, you must show your student ID when retrieving packages or seeking assistance with your mail box, no exceptions.